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JOIN IN:  Wherever you are in Scotland, please get involved in giving feedback on your experiences. We'd also welcome your support to help us reach out to local groups and organisations in your area to get their support.

STIRLING: We are particularly active in the Stirling area so that we can test different processes for getting people involved.If this is your neck of the woods, please get in touch. This is a unique and brilliant opportunity to help bring about improvement and change.

REVIEWS: We have created 3 easy ways to give reviews:

1) Use our fantastic rate & review site to add your reviews directly to the online database

2)  Complete this straightforward e-survey, which asks questions about your experiences

3)  Print off the paper form, fill it in and return it to us

Reviews given by the-survey and the paper form will be transferred across to the online database so everything is held in one place and available to anyone to look at.

Project update: Getting It Right For Hearing

We've been out and about sharing information and gathering comments and views on issues connected with listening, hearing, communciation and sound in public places.

We're interested in the experiences people have when using any facility or service that is open to the general public. This includes cafes, restaurants, shops, health clinics and travel centres. We're also interested in experiences when people attend community, civic, leisure and social events.

We're asking what people think about things like:

  • music played through speakers
  • coffee machine noises
  • scarping chairs, crashing crockery, clinking glasses
  • acoustics, reverberation, blurry-sounding speech
  • availability of quiet tables and areas
  • clarity with which staff speak
  • lighting and visibility for lipreading
  • microphone use in meetings
  • public address systems
  • waiting areas when you have to listen for information or your name to be called
  • availability of assistive equipment or communication professionals