Solutions for you: practical solutions to help with your hearing ability

A wide range of technologies, products and other solutions are available to assist hearing ability and more are emerging - but you will only be able to benefit from them if you know they exist.

Use the buttons below to get an understanding of what’s out there. It is a great way to learn about the things that can potentially assist you. Once you know what your basic choices are, you can go on to explore further using the links we provide or by doing your own research.

Enjoy exploring and discovering!

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Who the information is for

The information we provide is great for people wishing to know about products, devices, tactics and tips that can help in situations when it is not possible to hear as needed or wanted. It is geared mainly towards the needs of people whose hearing ability is slightly or moderately reduced, but some of the information is relevant also to people with more severe hearing loss.

Content will continue to be added – so check back regularly!

Where else to look

After exploring this site, you might also wish to:

  • Speak with your local social services team to see if they can help you access the solutions you feel will be helpful.
  • Contact your local Fire Brigade to find out if they can offer you free visual or tactile smoke alarms.
  • Ask your local audiology department if they have an equipment officer or hearing therapist able to discuss solutions in more detail and /or provide products to you.
  • Visit a local sensory centre, if there is one in your area. They will usually have equipment that you can see and try.

Drop us a note

Do you know of a solution that we haven’t listed, or that you feel we could explain better? Let us know. Please also tell us if the solution you need isn’t available because we can then pass that information on to innovators, developers and other parties.

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