Getting it right for hearing
Getting it right for hearing

Hello, we’re Ideas for Ears

Ideas for Ears is founded on social purpose. We want to make the UK a more hearing-friendly nation – one that is more considerate of people’s hearing needs and more effective at addressing them.

What we do

We are a specialist  community engagement & market insight company that helps businesses and organisations interact more effectively with the 11 million people in the UK who have hearing loss.

Our activities are founded on the fundamental principle of ‘co-creation’, which means that we find ways to bring about collaboration between the people who design and provide products, services and facilities, and those who use them.

Our organisation is run by people who have hearing loss and who face the usual range of day-to-day challenges that are common to those with hearing loss.

As a social enterprise, Ideas for Ears is mainly self-financing, with all profit generated being fully used for social purpose.

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Meet the team

Sally Shaw

Founder of Ideas for Ears
Loves a challenge! Brings vision, aspiration and practicality to projects, generating ideas that are ambitious but achievable. Is astute at spotting opportunities to deliver winning outcomes for both those providing products, services and facilities and those using them.

Pippa Highfield

Strategy & Marketing Specialist
A skilled marketer with experience across the full marketing mix. Adept at creating clear and realistic marketing strategies and plans to deliver against business objectives. Brings knowledge of both online and offline communication methods to produce effective sales and marketing campaigns

Amanda Heenan

Equality & Diversity Specialist
Extensive experience in equality issues and community engagement. Also skilled in identifying social value and assisting the public sector to meet its equality duties.

Tom Wallace

Statistician and researcher
Highly skilled statistician and qualitative researcher who interprets social research data and helps generate meaningful reports that provide detailed understanding of market trends and user experiences.

Lisa Caldwell

Writer and Hearing Coach
Creates focused and insightful content for blogs and other media platforms. Also specialises in the design and delivery of tailored support to those adjusting to sudden or gradual hearing loss, which helps employers to retain staff talent and to manage well-being and productivity of individual employees.

Hand-picked specialists

We draw in skilled consultants from other areas of specialism as required, including: access consultants, acoustic experts, suppliers of hearing loops and other assistive listening equipment, audiology professionals, and more.

For individuals

We want you to have more influence over the products, services and built environments that are made available to you. To help make this happen, we regularly invite you to share your experiences and views of different matters through surveys, focus groups, product trials and other activities.
We focus on topics and subjects where we feel we can make most difference. Our goal is practical and positive change.

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For organisations

We can support your business or organisation to design, modify and check how the hearing-related needs of your customers, staff and other stakeholders are being met. We offer fresh insight, up-to-date information and a co-creation approach.
We can help you achieve your goals through our versatile consultancy services and our flexibility way of working. We are based in central Scotland but can support projects in different parts of the UK.

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Contact Us

Call/text: 07739 581059
Twitter: @IdeasForEars
Registered address: 57-59 High Street, Dunblane, Perthshire FK15 0EE.
Company number: 516105.

Our Memberships

We are pleased to be members of the following organisations:

  • Health & Social Care Alliance Scotland
  • Scottish Council on Deafness
  • Social Enterprise Scotland
  • Scottish Disability Equality Forum
  • Stirling Area Access Panel
  • Volunteer Scotland

Thanks to our supporters

Ideas for Ears has received support from a wide range of sources, including The Big Lottery Investing in Ideas; The Big Lottery Awards for All and Scotland UnLtd. We are also grateful to Just Enterprise, the Scottish Enterprise Academy and Entrepreneurial Spark.

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