Hearing access specialists
Hearing access specialists

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Hello, we’re Ideas for Ears

Ideas for Ears is founded on social purpose. We want to make the UK a more hearing-friendly nation – one that is more considerate of people’s hearing needs and more effective at addressing them.

What we do

Ideas for Ears is a progressive, fresh-thinking social enterprise run by people with hearing loss. We support businesses & organisations to adopt best practices that are loved and wanted by people with hearing loss.

We have a grass-roots approach, which means our services are shaped and influenced by the active involvement of different groups of people with hearing loss, including our award-winning Community Hearing Hub volunteers.

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Meet our Directors

Sally Shaw, founder & director

Sally ShawExtensive experience in the hearing & deafness sector and across the wider field of access, inclusion and equality.  She is Scottish Sensory & Equality Champion of 2019 and the originator of the Hearing Access Protocol.  Her background lies in marketing and communications.  She sits on the Scottish Government Cross Party Group of Deafness and represents Scotland’s lead deafness organisation, deafscotland, on other relevant Cross Party Groups.

Dr Peter Spencer Davies, director

Peter Spencer DaviesRetired academic who advocates for better audibility in community and learning settings and actively works with groups and organisations to implement change at local level. Extensive Board experience across the science and education sectors, including: Founder Treasurer, International Society for Reef Studies 1980-1984; Founder and CEO, Strathkelvin Instruments Ltd 1981- 2006; Governor, Kelvinside Academy, Glasgow 1984 – 1994.

John Cook, director

John CookHighly skilled IT software specialist able to guide on the creation and application of digital technology for solving problems. Extensive and long-term interest in access, inclusion and equality issues.

Meet some of the members of our Award-Winning community hearing hub.

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Meet other members of our core team of specialists

Pippa Highfield, strategy & marketing specialist

A brilliant marketer and business development consultant.  Adept at creating clear and realistic marketing strategies and plans to deliver against business objectives. Brings knowledge of both online and offline communication methods to produce effective sales and marketing campaigns.  Also a director of Brainwork Marketing.

Amanda Heenan, equality & diversity specialist

A passionate, able and experienced equality, inclusion and human rights professional, with a Law Masters (LLM) in employment and equality law. She has particular expertise in translating principles of good practice into practical and meaningful application through collaboration and engagement. She is also a director of Arc of Inclusion.

Ishbel Smith, oral communication specialist & trainer

A talented and effective trainer with an aptitude for honing the oral communication skills of experienced and inexperienced speakers and presenters.  She has a warm and engaging manner and is hugely experienced in public speaking.  Previously a lawyer specialising in commercial litigation, and also a director of Heart in Mouth.

Why we do what we do

Hearing loss is common

More people than ever before have hearing loss and the numbers are growing.

Across the UK, 11 million people have hearing loss.  That is one sixth of the overall population.  It includes one in six people in every community, town and city and one in ten people in every workplace.

Many more have sensitive hearing, tinnitus and other hearing conditions.

Hearing varies greatly

Our sense of hearing involves complex processes within the ears and the brain. It gives rise to a lot of variation.

As we age, most of us will experience a drop in hearing. Studies reveal that by age of 50, at least 40% of people have measurable hearing loss and by 70, it is at least 70%.

But people at any age can experience hearing loss, and, of course, some people are born deaf.

Well-being is a priority

We work to protect and improve the well-being of people with hearing loss.

Hearing is the bedrock of day-to-day life and has a big influence on the way we communicate, gather information and enjoy experiences.

We want people with hearing loss to move through life as smoothly as possible and with the minimum of knocks to their dignity, confidence and inclusion.

Contact Us

Email: info@ideasforears.org.uk
Call/text: 07739 581059
Twitter: @IdeasForEars
Registered address: 57-59 High Street, Dunblane, Perthshire FK15 0EE.
Company number: 516105

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Our Memberships

We are pleased to be members of the following organisations:

  • deafscotland
  • Disability Equality Scotland
  • Health & Social Care Alliance Scotland
  • Social Enterprise Scotland
  • Scottish Accessible Transport Alliance
  • Stirlingshire Voluntary Enterprise
  • Volunteer Scotland