Hearing access specialists
Hearing access specialists

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Assessments of hearing access

Ideas for Ears can help you to assess the current status of your hearing access and to work through a process of improvement if this is necessary.

We will guide and assist you through the following staged process:

  • discovery of any hearing access difficulties
  • identification of cause and scale of difficulties
  • support to prioritise improvement and to create a plan for improvement
  • referral to specialist consultants or contractors, if required
  • measurement of improvement and targets

Who our assessment services are for

Community groups, clubs and organisations

Illustration of three people sitting a meeting tableFor your group, club or organisation to be accessible and inclusive, it is important to make sure that people can use, join in and enjoy your services and activities whatever their level of hearing.

Difficulties are often hidden as people can reluctant to highlight poor experiences for a variety of well-documented reasons.

Venues that provide meeting rooms and spaces

Illustration of a public sector buildingVenues that are accessible and welcoming to people with different needs have a competitive advantage.

It is not just physical and mobility access, like ramps, lifts and accessible parking, that are required.  The high numbers of people with hearing loss, and the ageing population, makes hearing and communication a crucial consideration.

What an assessment involves

Community group, club or organisation

The assessment process is tailored and refined to suit the nature and priorities of your activity. Broadly, the assessment processes involves reviewing:

  • experiences and preferences of your members or service users
  • venue suitability (regarding acoustics and noise)
  • provision and use of audio equipment (e.g. public address systems, microphones and hearing loops)
  • practices and processes for your activities and the way you share information
  • awareness and knowledge of communication needs

Cost might be covered by grant funding or sponsorship.

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Venues that provide meeting rooms and spaces

The assessment process reflects the nature and type of venue. It can involve:

  • reviewing customer experiences
  • checks on acoustical comfort and noise levels
  • provision and suitability of audio equipment
  • use and operation of audio equipment
  • maintenance schedule for audio equipment
  • provision of non-audio alerts and alarms
  • communication methods
  • staff awareness of communication needs

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