Hearing in meetings and events

Posted by: Sally Shaw on 09/10/2017

We are exploring how easily people can hear and follow what is being said at meetings & events of all kinds. Are things great? Terrible? Variable?



Phone calls are causing frustration and stress

Posted by: Sally Shaw on 06/10/2017

People with hearing loss want to be able to make and receive phone calls more easily than they are currently able to, according to new survey research by...

Win a £300 prize in our questionnaire about phone calls

Posted by: Sally Shaw on 28/07/2017

Complete our (reasonably!) short questionnaire by midnight Sunday 13 August and you could win £300 in Amazon vouchers!

We want to discover how easy or difficult people find it to...

Getting It Right For Hearing: support for project grows

Posted by: Sally Shaw on 14/05/2017

We're chuffed to bits! As these photographs indicate, there is plenty of support for our project to make public places more hearing-friendly.

We have been out and about sharing information...

Big news for those seeking clearer phone calls

Posted by: Sally Shaw on 14/05/2017

Over the last two years, Ideas for Ears has supported the clinical trials of ground-breaking technology that seeks to make voice calls clearer and easier for people with hearing loss. 

I am...

Phone solution is blazing a digital trail

Posted by: Sally Shaw on 24/10/2016

How fantastic to see a company that is focused on developing ground-breaking phone solutions for people with hearing loss be included on a list of the UK's Top 20 digital...

Non Executive Director needed!

Posted by: Sally Shaw on 25/09/2016

Could it be you? 

We are looking for a volunteer Non-Executive Director to assist with the development and scaling of Ideas for Ears. We have exciting projects and activities in...

Fears of discrimination adds to workplace woes

Posted by: Sally Shaw on 29/08/2016

The workplace is not an easy place to be when you have hearing loss. Noisy offices, poor acoustics, meeting rooms without microphones or hearing loops, poor sound quality on voice calls, and colleagues who don't speak clearly ...  These issues and more are impacting on well-being and productivity in workplaces.

Now a survey by TotalJobs suggests that one in four deaf workers have left a job because of discrimination.


The Total Jobs research also found:

62% have faced discrimination from colleagues

53%  had experienced it from management

37% have experienced discrimination as early as the interview stage

Telling it as it is

At Ideas for Ears, we have gathered a great many insights over the last year or so.  I have reported on some...

Getting It Right For Ears

Posted by: Sally Shaw on 18/08/2016

Do noise levels in cafes or restaurants create problems for you? Do you wish tables were made available in 'quiet zones' - like the smoking areas we used...

Curtains up! Experiences of theatre-goers with hearing loss revealed

Posted by: Sally Shaw on 27/05/2016

Poor experiences are commonplace for people with hearing loss who attend theatres or concert halls. That is one of the main findings from a survey recently carried out by Ideas for Ears. 


94% of survey respondents said hearing ability has resulted in them having a poor experience, and 83% said they have been disappointed because the right provision wasn’t available to allow them to access and enjoy the performance.

The survey was completed by 143 people with a range of hearing abilities, from mild to profound hearing loss. 

11 million people in the UK have hearing loss, one sixth of the UK population and a large potential audience for theatres and concert halls. 

What customers want

Findings from the survey suggest that shows and concerts can be made more comfortable and accessible to people with hearing loss by offering: 


Hearing in the workplace - experiences of office employees

Posted by: Sally Shaw on 02/03/2016

Well-being and productivity of office-based staff is being negatively affected by a range of hidden issues connected with the way that people hear. These are the findings of a comprehensive survey carried out by Ideas for Ears in collaboration with NHS Forth Valley Healthy Working Lives.


The findings have implications for the way that organisations manage workplace culture, buildings and facilities and IT and telecoms. 

The survey looked at the experiences of office-based employees of Forth Valley organisations, exploring their experiences when performing standard activities. 

It found that hearing-related issues were being experienced by staff in a variety of contexts, from unwanted noise at work stations to difficulties in hearing on the telephone or at face to face meetings and events. 

Whilst the survey indicates that there are challenges for people of all hearing abilities, it suggests...

New telephone technology is talking point

Posted by: Sally Shaw on 24/02/2016

"Voices were not louder but the sound definition was crisper and far easier to understand. This is what Francis Masserick said when I asked him to sum up his overall experiences of using the newly developed Goshawk Speech Platform. 

Blog_and_News/Francis_Masserick.png Francis Masserick,volunteer 

Francis is 65 years old and has hearing loss. He was one of 33 volunteers who participated in the first clinical trials of a new type of telephone technology that modifies the signal on a telecoms or IP network so the sound coming through your telephone handset matches your hearing ability. 

The trials, which were funded by the Wellcome Trust, took place on the Isle of Man in November and December last year. It is believed to be the first time that telephone technology has allowed sound to be digitally modified to reflect the hearing needs of...

Sounds Good Charter Mark - recognising excellence

Posted by: Sally Shaw on 21/10/2015

I am delighted and excited! My associates at Access Solutions have today published their Sounds Good Charter Mark, which recognises excellence in accessibility for people with hearing loss in the hospitality industry. 


This is a significant and defining moment - there is now a clear and effective way that hospitality service providers can indicate how well they are able to cater for the practical (and emotional) needs of people who have hearing loss. It has potential to inspire a transformation in customer care with regards to engagement, inclusion and safety of those who are hard of hearing.

Once a service provider has received Charter Mark accreditation, they are eligible for inclusion on www.hearinglossfriendly.com where they can be found by prospective customers. 

For the millions in the UK with hearing loss and their families and friends, the...

Revealing picture exposes the effort of listening

Posted by: Sally Shaw on 15/09/2015

I feel wrong for saying this but I’m quite glad about accusations made today (15 September) against MP Alec Shelbrooke. Unkind and untrue though they were, it also served the purpose of raising the very important subject of ‘hearing’.


Mr Shelbrooke had slouched down in his House of Commons seat to better hear the shoulder-height speaker system next to him. He had also closed his eyes to aid concentration. Unaware that these were the actions of someone with slight hearing loss working hard to listen, a BBC journalist accused the MP of “resting his eyes”.

A photo of a supposedly snoozing Mr Shelbrooke was pinged around Twitter and Facebook until the BBC was alerted to the truth and issued an apology. But no matter, the deed was done - Mr Shelbrooke’s hearing and his efforts to listen were out there and...

Is it hard work to hear in your workplace?

Posted by: Sally Shaw on 09/09/2015

I am astonished at the response to the research we are doing into the subject of hearing in the workplace. Many people have been only too pleased to have the chance to express an opinion on this topic.

I had a suspicion that issues were flying under the radar, hidden from sight and going unaddressed. Early results indicate that this is indeed the case and that they are having a significant impact on staff well-being and productivity.

We have two surveys underway - one for Forth Valley employers, the other for global drinks giant Diageo.

The survey for employers in the Forth Valley area is being run jointly with NHS Forth Valley Healthy Working Lives. It will run until end September. Office-based staff at all levels of seniority are encouraged to participate. Please email info@all-ears.org.uk for the survey link that you can share across your workplace. 


Setting the priorities for research into mild to moderate hearing loss

Posted by: Johanna Velander on 08/09/2015

One of the hardest things that I have done recently was to help set the priorities for research into mild to moderate hearing loss. It was a day-long exercise that involved...

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