Hearing access specialists
Hearing access specialists

Over the last two years, Ideas for Ears has supported the clinical trials of ground-breaking technology that seeks to make voice calls clearer and easier for people with hearing loss.

I am now pleased to share the big news that the innovators of this pioneering mobile phone technology, Goshawk Communications Ltd, has teamed up with Vannin Ventures, a subsidary of the forward-looking communications company Manx Telecom, in order to progress the technology and potentially make it available worldwide. For people who have hearing loss, it offers hope that it might soon be possible to have voice calls personalised to suit individual hearing requirements.

Tom Meageen, Managing Director of  Vannin Ventures; Charles Henshaw, Deputy Chairman of Goshawk Communications Limited; Matthew Turner, CEO of Goshawk Communications Limited; and Gary Lamb, CEO of Manx Telecom

The clinical trials were undertaken on the Isle of Man, and it is from there that Goshawk Communications and Vannin Ventures will continue to develop the technology.

Tom Meageen, Managing Director of Vannin Ventures, said:  “Through clinical trials conducted in the Isle of Man over the last 18 months we have shown that the technology can have a transformative effect in improving communication for those suffering from hearing loss.”

Matthew Turner, CEO of Goshawk Communications Ltd, said: “We are really proud to see our technology become part of something that has all the ingredients and potential to improve the lives of millions of global users. As a hearing impaired person myself, I am passionate about the benefits this technology can bring.”

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