Hearing access specialists
Hearing access specialists

Noise levels, poor acoustics, inadequate use of microphones, and other things that affect meetings and group gatherings are to be placed in the spotlight at an event for people across Forth Valley in central Scotland on Saturday, 7 September.

The event will look at the obstacles that people face when trying to hear and follow conversation, discussions, talks and presentations.  Attendees will find out what is being done to tackle these difficulties and what they can do to help if they want to.

The event is being organised by Ideas for Ears and local community group, Forth Valley Hearing Access Forum.

Sally Shaw, founder of Ideas for Ears, explains:  “People are being prevented from participating and enjoying themselves because it can be too hard to hear and follow what’s said.  This can be when chatting in groups, listening to a presenter or joining in a discussion.  It can be at work, at church, when out socially, when taking part in a leisure or group activity and so on.

“Noise levels and poor acoustics are big culprits, so too is poor audio equipment, but there are other things.  In many instances, the difficulties are fixable.  The event will let people know what is going on locally to fix things and the opportunities to get involved if they wish.”

Alison Delaney, chair of Forth Valley Hearing Access Forum, adds: “This should be a terrific event. I would encourage anyone who has ever experienced frustration because of difficulties in hearing and following things to come along.   Noise is more than just a nuisance, it excludes and causes discomfort, as do many other things.  We are tackling them.  It is a big task but it is possible. Do come along to the event to find out more.”

The event is sponsored by phone company, Audacious, and will also feature an opportunity to find out about brand new technology that makes mobile phone calls easier and clearer to hear.  It is free to attend but space is limited so places must be booked.

When:  Saturday 7 September

Where:  Volunteer Scotland, Jubilee House, Forthside Way, Stirling

When:  9.30am for 10am start and finish by 12.30pm

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