Hearing access specialists
Hearing access specialists

A total of 1,135 people responded to our important questionnaire on phone use. This has generated robust and comprehensive data that we are now taking to interested parties in the telecoms industry to influence how they direct money and resources.

The findings suggest that large numbers are struggling to hear well on the phone and that they want new solutions to make things easier. See the blog for more details.

Director of Ideas for Ears, Sally Shaw, says: “Having hearing loss doesn’t  mean that you should automatically accept hearing poorly on the phone.”

Winner of £300 Amazon Vouchers!

To show our appreciation to those participating in the questionnaire, we offered the chance to enter a prize draw to win £300 in Amazon vouchers. The lucky winner, selected at random by an independent witness, was Colin Ayers from Newcastle under Lyme. Colin is pictured top left, with the wildlife that he and his wife love so much.

Colin said:  “I was delighted to find the Ideas for Ears questionnaire via the Hearing Link website and was really excited to know that my views and experiences, along with others, would result in data which will influence the awareness of phone companies about those of us who have a hearing loss.

“It was wonderful to receive the prize of £300 in Amazon Vouchers, some of which will be used to help me present deaf awareness on a voluntary bases to local businesses and individuals.”

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