Getting it right for hearing
Getting it right for hearing

Could it be you?

We are looking for a volunteer Non-Executive Director to assist with the development and scaling of Ideas for Ears. We have exciting projects and activities in the pipeline and seek an able individual to help guide and support the journey ahead.

Many of our current activities are focused on achieving meaningful, practical change so that public environments become more comfortable and appropriate for people who have a hearing condition. This includes activities to address acoustics, noise, staff communication, hearing loops and more.

We also support businesses with the innovation of new products, systems or services that can make life easier for people with hearing loss.

Ideas for Ears is a small but evolving and ambitious organisation. There is a desire to find a Volunteer Director with an entrepreneurial spirit and a positive mindset.

Knowledge of governance issues and social impact reporting would also be helpful. Ideally, applicants should have some level of knowledge about hearing-related issues, from a personal or professional perspective.

We are based in Dunblane, central Scotland. Our vision is for Scotland and the UK to become more hearing-friendly for everybody so that hearing ability does not limit enjoyment, participation and opportunity.

Please let us know of your interest by sending through a short profile and/or your CV.

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