Hearing access specialists
Hearing access specialists

Drawings of different modes of public transport

Do you experience anxiety, stress or frustration when you cannot hear announcements when travelling by train, bus or other mode of public transport?

This could easily be a thing of the past.  Technology is available to permit audible announcements to be turned into text messages and sent direct to your phone.

We’d love to see that technology used through the public transport system.  It would allow people with hearing loss and deafness to be kept informed of what’s happening, especially when there is disruption or an emergency.  It would remove the disadvantage created when you cannot hear as well as other people.

For this technology to transform the way we travel, transport providers would have to invest in a network of signal-sending beacons.  These would ping messages to your phone to permit you to receive the information by text through an off-line application (so you wouldn’t have to rely on wifi / internet access).

At least 11 million people have hearing loss and deafness in the UK.  This is 17% of the population and includes the majority of people aged 60 plus.

Should transport providers invest in providing live information in text form?  We think so.  What do you think?

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    • Hi Frances,
      Thanks for that tip. Great to know. If you find out any more, can you let us know? (info@ideasforears.org.uk)
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