Hearing access specialists
Hearing access specialists

I am delighted and excited! My associates at Access Solutions have today published their Sounds Good Charter Mark, which recognises excellence in accessibility for people with hearing loss in the hospitality industry.

This is a significant and defining moment – there is now a clear and effective way that hospitality service providers can indicate how well they are able to cater for the practical (and emotional) needs of people who have hearing loss. It has potential to inspire a transformation in customer care with regards to engagement, inclusion and safety of those who are hard of hearing.

Once a service provider has received Charter Mark accreditation, they are eligible for inclusion on www.hearinglossfriendly.com where they can be found by prospective customers.

For the millions in the UK with hearing loss and their families and friends, the Charter Mark has scope to bring about real benefits. Likewise, for all visitors to the UK who have hearing loss. I look forward to it being used far and wide, by hospitality service providers of all types and sizes.

Find out more about the Sounds Good Charter Mark for the hospitality sector at the Access Solutions.

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