Hearing access specialists
Hearing access specialists

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Wally Harbert is a retired Director of Help the Aged who is on a mission to get better hearing care introduced into hospitals and care homes.

Wally is taking action after he witnessed a friend, Nellie, receiving repeatedly poor hearing care support.  Yesterday, he published a report that sets out the findings of a survey that he carried out.

Called ‘When silence is no longer golden’ it shares details indicating gaps in knowledge among health and social care staff regarding hearing loss and the care of hearing aids.

Wally explains: “Maintaining hearing aids in good condition is not rocket science. The essentials can be learned by sitting next to Nellie. It is not lack of money that is holding back services but a lack of will.”

Wally also wants every care home and hospital to have staff or volunteers available to clean and re-tube faulty aids and is critical of current guidance by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) and the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

He says: “Frail elderly people are among the most socially isolated people in society. Better staff training is essential and community activists can improve services at little cost by training cadres of volunteers to clean and re-tube hearing aids.”

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