Hearing access specialists
Hearing access specialists

About the Talk It Through service

We want to be available to you in the best way we can on a flexible basis that works around what you want and need.

To help you decide if you want to use this service, we provide an introductory 15 minute session that is entirely free for you to use.  This gives you a chance to tell us a bit about what you’re after and to ask questions and find out about what we can do to help.

We offer our support by phone call or video call. We follow clear speaking principles to help ensure we are easy to hear and follow and we can use a video calling platform that offers automated subtitles and that has a chat box to support communication.

How does it work?

Simply complete the form below and we will be in touch with you by email within 48 hours to arrange a day and time that suits you for the FREE introductory 15 minute session.  If you then decide you have further questions and want to continue using this service, costs are £28 for a 30 minute session, and £35 for a 45 minute session.

We send a link so you can pay by PayPal, with the payment made in advance of the session.  We try to keep things as simple as possible but if there is anything we can do to make things easier, please let us know.

    Thank you for your interest in the Talk It Through service.

    What sort of help are you after?
    Please check as many boxes as you wish and/or tell us in your own words in the comment box below:
    Just to discuss how I’m feeling generallyDiscuss the impact hearing loss is having on meGet tips on what else I can do to help myselfFind out more about why I hear as I doDiscuss an issue with my hearing aids or other deviceGet advice on how to discuss my hearing with othersFind out what others could or should be doing to help meTalk through my experiences at work and what I can do to make things easier

    Something else – please tell us a little in the comment box