Hearing access specialists
Hearing access specialists

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Video resources for easy and enjoyable learning

Our videos below offer insight, information and practical advice.  They come in a variety of lengths and are designed to support different audience groups to become more familiar and understanding of the challenges of hearing loss and how to reduce or remove barriers that restrict access, inclusion and equality.

All videos have subtitles, which you can switch on by using the ‘cc’ button on your video screen.

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Hearing access on phone and video calls

Health, care & befriender services

A video screen displaying a picture of video presenter, Sally ShawThis 40-minute video provides essential information about the problems that arise on phone and video calls and how to fix them.

It is designed for managers, staff and volunteers who are supporting older people who are self-isolating or being sheilded due to COVID-19.  It supports the shift towards greater use of phone and video to deliver important health, care and befriender services.

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