Hearing access specialists
Hearing access specialists

We’d like to thank the many of you that have already given us your thoughts and views by completing surveys and supporting proof-of-concept trials; we encourage you to continue your support.

We’d also like to welcome newcomers who’d like to share their experiences and add even more insight into everyday challenges that come about when you cannot hear as you need or want to.

How we use your feedback

With your help, we can support the development of products, services and built environments that reflect the needs and wishes of people with hearing loss. We want things to be effective, comfortable and desirable for you and others.

A lot of old-fashioned and inaccurate thinking exists when it comes to hearing and deafness. It will take time to replace this with up-to-date insights that reflect the real, current-day experiences that people have, but this is our goal.

The feedback you provide is used to inform organisations about the experiences people have when trying to hear, listen and communicate in different situations and environments.  It helps us to press for change and improvement.

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Current projects you might like to get involved with

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Hearing better when at the theatre
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A focused approach

We focus on topics and subjects where we feel we can make most impact and where we feel change or improvement is both necessary and possible.  By participating in our surveys and other activities, you can help bring about the outcomes you want.

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