Hearing access specialists
Hearing access specialists

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Having hearing loss doesn’t mean that you should automatically accept hearing poorly on the phone. We’re working with interested parties in the telecoms sector to champion new solutions.

Our research in August 2017 found that a large number of people are struggling to hear well on the phone and that this puts them off making and receiving phone calls.  This major piece of research involved more than 1,100 people giving feedback through survey questionnaires.

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Personalised sound on the phone

Are you aware of the Goshawk Speech Platform?

goshawkFor the last two years, we’ve been working with Goshawk Communications, one of the UK’s top 20 digital innovators, to support the development of a speech enhancement platform that has the capability of personalising sound to match your hearing ability. This technology is now in its final stages of testing and it looks to have exciting potential.

We’ll let you know once this solution is ready for paying customers.

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Have you tried the SonicCloud?

This solution from an American company is READY RIGHT NOW to test and try. It works via an App, which you can download in the app store on your smartphone.  It asks you to complete a hearing test using your phone together with a headset, after which the sound is personalised to your hearing requirements. You can see information on their website but you can also go direct to the App store.

Here are the things we’d love to know about your experiences:

  •  what are your thoughts on the hearing test?
  •  how pleasant do you find the graphics?
  •  what’s your view on the requirement to use a headset/earphones?
  •  most important of all, does it make calls clearer and easier for you?

We’d love to know what you think of it.

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Speech converted into text as the call takes place

 We’re exploring speech-to-text Apps that work live alongside a phone call to give you a text transcription of what’s being said as it is being said. We’ve not yet found any that are consistently brilliant so this is something we’re talking to innovators about.

If you’d like to volunteer to help test speech-to-text apps and other digital app solutions, let us know.

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A focused approach

We focus on topics and subjects where we feel we can make most impact and where we feel change or improvement is both necessary and possible.  By participating in our surveys and other activities, you can help bring about the outcomes you want.

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