Getting it right for hearing
Getting it right for hearing

People of all ages and with all levels of hearing are finding it a struggle to hear and follow what’s being said in meetings and events.

We are compiling data to properly understand the scale and significance of the issues being experienced. Please help us by completing this questionnaire.

Our thoughts

Things can and should be better. Work we’ve done with various groups and organisations over the last few years tells us that issues are being caused by poor acoustics, background noise, how clearly people speak, microphones being used (or not), availability of a working hearing loop, and more. These things can be fixed.

The difficulties are being seen in workplace meetings, training events, workshops, conferences, social gatherings, coffee mornings, lunch groups and more. Many people are withdrawing from situations or not taking up opportunities to participate, or are feeling dispirited and fed up about things.

Getting hearing on the agenda at meetings & events

What you can do

Event organisers and event venues are beginning to take notice but more evidence is needed to properly convince them. Feedback gathered through this questionnaire will help to quantify what’s actually going on for people.

There are 10 to 20 questions depending on the answers you give. It will take about 5 to 10 minutes. You have the chance to win £100 in Amazon Vouchers by completing it by midnight, 30 November 2017.

As always, we will share the findings with you.

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A focused approach

We focus on topics and subjects where we feel we can make most impact and where we feel change or improvement is both necessary and possible.  By participating in our surveys and other activities, you can help bring about the outcomes you want.

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