Getting it right for hearing
Getting it right for hearing

Serious about Hearing, Inclusion & Participation (SHIP)

We are delighted to introduce SHIP, a new way to think about the ease and effectiveness with which you can hear.

SHIP is a set of tools being formulated by people with hearing loss to boost access, inclusion and equality. They will give a more practical understanding of the hearing experiences that people have.

SHIP moves the focus away from medical definitions of deafness and concentrates instead on what people actually hear in different situations and environments.

It promotes recognition that the ease with which people hear is often determined not by hearing ability but by the environment or situation you are in.  This is controlled by other people.

Businesses, organisations and society as a whole, can adjust and change to make hearing easier.  SHIP tools can help guide this process.

Using SHIP materials

The rights for using the SHIP materials currently lies with Ideas for Ears.  If you’d like to make use of them, let us know.


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SHIP Protocols for Meetings & Events – peer review underway

Illustration of a meeting with flipchartThe first SHIP tool is now ready for wider peer review. It is a straightforward list of requirements for meetings and events for the general public and other groups of people.

It sets out how things should ideally be done as standard in order to make meetings and events more accessible.

The information has been created by Ideas for Ears, together with volunteers who have hearing loss. It is founded in the results from a series of surveys that included the views of more than 1,000 people.

Please give feedback

Consultation is underway on the following:

  1.  Protocol 1 – aimed at those attending the meeting or event
  2.  Protocol 2 – aimed at those who organise meetings or events
  3.  Appendix 1 – Guidance to help Speakers & Presenters
  4.  Appendix 2 – Guidance for Organisers of Meetings/Events
  5.  Appendix 3 – Template forms for Organisers of Meetings/Events

Review document and give feedback

Consultation deadline

Please assist by giving your feedback on the Protocols and Appendix. Consultation closes on Sunday, 15 April 2018. 

The final version of the Protocols and Guidelines will be available in May 2018. Everything will be designed to look user-friendly and attractive.

Review document and give feedback

The consultation is led by Ideas for Ears and Scotland’s leading deaf organisation, the Scottish Council of Deafness.

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A focused approach

We focus on topics and subjects where we feel we can make most impact and where we feel change or improvement is both necessary and possible.  By participating in our surveys and other activities, you can help bring about the outcomes you want.

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