Hearing access specialists
Hearing access specialists

Specialist support for businesses and organisations

Ideas for Ears is a specialist consultancy that helps businesses and organisations to do a great job in the way they reach and engage with people who have hearing loss, whether as a specific audience or as part of a general audience.

We provide:

  • market insight, including bespoke data
  • support with service design
  • product testing and proof-of-concept trials
  • assistance with marketing and promotion activities
  • assessment of current provision, processes and procedures

What we can do for you

We can give you a competitive edge by helping you to engage and interact authentically with your target market.

There is huge variation across the hearing and deafness spectrum and this impacts on individual experiences, motivations and psychology, all of which drive perception and behaviour.

We can help you to design and refine your products, services and marketing messages so you achieve the outcomes you want.

Consumers are now more demanding of brands and want their individual and specific needs to be met.  It is too simplistic to address those with hearing loss as a monochrome ‘deaf and hard of hearing’ group.

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Use our insight to get ahead

With our insights and understanding, you will be better placed to direct resources in optimum ways and to avoid ineffective actions and wasted cost. We offer fresh insight, up-to-date information and a co-creation approach.

Got a marketing team already?

Let us support your team by helping them navigate through the subtleties of hearing and deafness and the way it drives and influences behaviour. We can provide knowledgeable user-insight to help ensure that messages are clear, effective and appropriately targeted.

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Who we assist

Illustration of assistive technology

Innovators & suppliers

Theatre-goers who use hearing aid users prefer hearing loops over other systems

Hearing care services

Illustration of a public sector buildingPublic sector bodies

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Restaurants & venues

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Meeting & event organisers

Case Studies

Benefits of working with Ideas for Ears

We offer you …

  1.   Access to up-to-date insights and information
  2.   High quality support from skilled personnel
  3.   Assistance to navigate the hearing and deafness sector and its many variances
  4.   Association with an authentic user-led and not-for-profit organisation
  5.   Opportunity to illustrate commitment to inclusion, diversity and equality

Ask what we can do for you

Be more diverse & inclusive

Let us help you …

  1.   Attract people with different hearing needs, including customers, staff and other stakeholders.
  2.   Identify how you meet the legal requirements of the The Equality Act 2010.
  3.   Communicate the steps you are taking so you are clear about what you are and are not able to provide.
  4.   Gain a competitive edge and to stand out for the right reasons.
  5.   Attract a bigger slice of the 17% of the population who have hearing loss.

Be clear who you are targeting

Hearing loss statistics 

  •  11 million in the UK have hearing loss
  •  10 million have mild or moderate hearing loss
  •  800,000 are severely or profoundly deafened
  •  2 million use hearing aids
  •  250,000 are deafblind
  •  150,000 use sign language
  •  45,000 children have hearing difficulties
  • 6.5 million are aged 60 and over
  •  3.7 million are of working age