Hearing access specialists
Hearing access specialists

Support to make improvement happen

Ideas for Ears is available to support projects and initiatives that aim to improve access, inclusion and well-being for people with hearing loss.

Through consultancy, collaboration and partnership, we assist businesses and organisations to deliver activity that people with hearing loss will find genuinely meaningful and helpful.

We offer a bespoke approach that is flexible and responsive to your requirements and objectives.

Our services focus on hearing and deafness issues and include:

  • Customised staff training courses
  • Market knowledge and insight
  • Support with service design
  • Focus group activity and product testing
  • Survey research
  • Digital content creation

Market knowledge

What we can do for you

We can give you a competitive edge by helping you enhance your facilities, services processes and procedures so they do more to meet the preferences and needs of people with hearing loss and other hearing conditions.

There is huge variation across the hearing and deafness spectrum, which means an approach that views people with haring loss as a monochrome ‘deaf and hard of hearing’ group is too simplistic.

Consumers are now more demanding of brands, companies and organisations, as they want to feel understood and valued.  We can check if the assumptions and approaches you have in place are working well enough to deliver the outcomes you want.

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HR staff, facility managers, marketing teams

Let us support you and your team to navigate through the practical challenges that arise for people with hearing loss, and the psycho-social repercussions that influence the way people feel and behave.

We can guide you on the needs, preferences and motivations that exist across the 11 million people in the UK who have hearing loss and deafness. We can also help you understand the distinct and subtle variations among this group.

Our specialist knowledge can help you to direct resources in optimum ways and to avoid ineffective actions and wasted cost. Our support will help you to plan and prioritise the steps to get the positive outcomes you want.

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How we can help - a few examples

Supporting employers
Supporting employersread more
Forth Valley Hearing Access Forum and Hearing Hub
Forth Valley Hearing Access Forum and Hearing Hubread more
Supporting hearing care services
Supporting hearing care servicesread more
Supporting product innovation
Supporting product innovationread more
Supporting staff training
Supporting staff trainingread more
Supporting hearing access
Supporting hearing accessread more

Benefits of working with Ideas for Ears

We offer you …

  1. Insight and information
  2. Skilled support
  3. Assistance to navigate the hearing and deafness sector
  4. Association with our user-led and not-for-profit brand
  5. Support around inclusion, diversity and equality

Ask what we can do for you

Be more diverse & inclusive

Let us help you …

  1. Attract customers, staff and other stakeholders who have hearing needs.
  2. Check your compliance with The Equality Act 2010.
  3. Communicate to stakeholders about what you can and cannot provide.
  4. Gain a competitive edge and to stand out for the right reasons.
  5. Attract a bigger slice of the 17% of the population who have hearing loss.

Be clear who you are targeting

UK hearing loss statistics 

  •  11 million have hearing loss
  •  10 million have some hearing loss
  •  800,000 have substantial deafness
  •  2 million use hearing aids
  •  250,000 are deafblind
  •  150,000 use sign language
  •  45,000 children have hearing difficulties
  • 6.5 million are aged 60 and over
  •  3.7 million are of working age