Hearing access specialists
Hearing access specialists

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Local deafness charity for people in Forth Valley

Forth Valley Hearing Access Forum (FVHAF) was established as a charity in March 2020. It got underway with support from Ideas for Ears.

The local charity has been established to help bring about change and improvement for people with hearing loss and those who are deaf.

The group is run by volunteers who all have some degree of deafness. They will work to make it easier for local people to participate, take up opportunities and enjoy themselves.

They want local service providers (across the public, commercial and third sectors) to deliver better hearing access, so more is done to protect Human Rights and meet the legal obligations of the Equality Act.

Purposes of FVHAF

Logo for Forth Valley Hearing Access Forum

  1. To improve equality and inclusion of local people who have hearing loss or deafness through the promotion of hearing access across the Forth Valley area leading to participation and inclusion being more possible, dignified and enjoyable.
  2. To support people with hearing loss or deafness to become better at managing and advocating for their communication needs through building knowledge, confidence and skills.
  3. To strengthen communities through improved hearing access to make it easier for more people to participate in community and civic activities.

Forth Valley Hearing Hub

An older man holding a microphone FVHAF runs the local Hearing Hub, which was previously run by Ideas for Ears.

This friendly, lively group of local people is involved with practical activities that help to improve access and inclusion for people with hearing loss and who are deaf.

Members between them have a wide range of first-hand experience of deafness, including different levels of severity, use of hearing aids, lipreading, sign language and more.

Two attendees enjoy a conversation They have equipped themselves with knowledge and confidence to identify and challenge issues that reduce or prevent people with hearing loss from being able to access, participate and be included in meetings, events, activities and other opportunities.

Meeting dates & latest news

Next meeting of FV Hearing Hub – TBC – it will be a virtual meeting.   Request more info.

25 August – FV Hearing Hub – by Zoom call – Premier of Missing Out, a 4 minute film on hearing access, which was developed and produced with support from Hearing Hub volunteers

21 July – FVHAF Trustee Meeting.  Request minutes.


FVHAF Office Bearers

Alison Delaney – Chair

Colin Fraser-Malcolm – Treasurer

Sally Shaw – Secretary

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What the Hearing Hub gets up to

Sally Shaw with Alexander Stewart MSP, Janis Macdonald of deafscotland and other hearing access supporters

Some Hearing Hub members at the Scottish Parliament with Alexander Stewart MSP and Janis Mcdonald, chief officer of deafscotland

As well as enjoying shared learning and camaraderie, the Hearing Hub has been actively making a difference:

  1. Helped to make a short film on hearing access
  2. Tested innovative new telephone software
  3. Influenced the design of call centre services
  4. Collaborated on the development of the Hearing Access Protocol
  5. Supported discussion about hearing access in the Scottish Parliament
  6. Supported an evidence-based study of barriers to inclusive communication within group discussions
  7. Field tested a method for evaluating acoustical comfort and sound quality of audio equipment in venues
  8. Helped to run the UK’s first Hearing Access Awards
  9. Promoted hearing access by writing articles, sharing leaflets and arranging for talks and presentations to be delivered
  10. Supported pilot activities to develop new and better ways to share knowledge and bring about improvement

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