Hearing access specialists
Hearing access specialists

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Unique hearing awareness training course

We were delighted to create a bespoke training course for Audacious to support their staff to become skilled and confident at meeting the different communication needs of customers and colleagues.

Known as the Audacious Hearing Awareness Training Programme, the course includes a mix of e-learning and face-to-face workshops, with learner progress and understanding being checked and measured through assessment exercises.

Course modules are integrated into the wider Audacious staff induction and training programme.

The structured learning pathway allows staff to move from having little or no knowledge of hearing and deafness, through to a proven ‘Audacious Standard’ of knowledge, empathy and skill.

This helps to create an inclusive and equitable workplace and equips them to deliver higher standards of customer care. It also allows Audacious to set new standards of best practice in the telecoms industry.

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Sally Shaw, director of Ideas for Ears, with Matthew Turner, Audacious Founder (left) and Rob Shardlow, Audacious CEO

About Audacious

Audacious uses world-first technology to make mobile voice calls clearer and easier to hear.  It is the UK’s first mobile phone company to recognise and prioritise the needs of people who have hearing loss.

Audacious delivers clearer-sounding phone calls by using sophisticated algorithms to adjust the sound coming through a mobile phone handset so it matches the individual hearing profile of the user.

This clever, innovative technology is straightforward for people to use and does not require any software download or new phone to be purchased.  People with and without hearing aids can use it.  For those curious about this technology, you can try the Audacious Sound Check.