Alerting devices

Your ability to hear has a significant bearing on the way you interact and communicate with others. It also influences how you relate to and assess the environment around you. In situations where your need to quickly become aware of something, it is particularly important.

If your hearing isn’t effective at picking up sounds and signals then alerting devices can make all the difference. They generally work by using a flashing light, a vibrating pad or increased volume to catch your attention.

What you can ask for 

If you are in a commercial or public building then you might find that equipment is made available to assist you in hearing important sounds. This could include the following: 

Fire safety pager

Some venues may make a credit card-sized pager device available to you that is logged into their fire alarm system. You wear the pager on your belt or in your pocket. It will vibrate and illuminate to alert you if the fire alarm goes off.

Fire safety system

Hotels and residential buildings may make a more rigorous device available, called ‘Deafguard’. It sits on the bedside table with an attached vibrating pad slotted under the pillow. If the fire alarm goes off, the device vibrates and flashes to wake you.

Pager call system

A variety of pager solutions exist to allow service providers to alert service users to their appointments. The pagers allows you to move away from the waiting room, returning only when the pager alerts you. It also means you don’t have to listen for your name being called.

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Alerting devices for personal use

Find out about alerting devices that you can use in your own home or take with you when you're out and about.

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