Assistive listening systems

Assistive listening systems can be very discrete and easy to use. They make it easier to hear over background noise and to listen across a distance. Service providers can make them available in a whole variety of places and settings and they are worth exploring, discovering and using.

They are for people who use hearing aids and for those who don't.

The best known assistive listening systems are FMinfrared and induction hearing loops. These have all been around for decades and they continue to offer fantastic solutions in a wide variety of settings. 

Newer digital systems that make use of Bluetooth radio frequencies are now also coming into play. 

Hearing loops are currently the single most important assistive listening system because they offer the most hassle-free and dignified user experience. Over the next decade we can expect Bluetooth options to become ever more available but it will still be a long time before hearing loops are replaced as the most common solution.

Discover how they work and explore the benefits they offer by using the tool below. 

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