Hearing access specialists
Hearing access specialists

The consultation around the new hearing and deafness protocol for meetings and events closed on 15 April. Thank you to everyone who contributed thoughts, comments and suggestions.

Feedback was very positive and repeatedly emphasised the value and importance of having a clear set of guidelines for making meetings and events more accessible to people with hearing loss.

Ideas for Ears is now reviewing all the feedback and will use it to strengthen and improve the protocol and accompanying guidance.  The entire exercise has been led by people with hearing loss, has been shaped and guided by other people with hearing loss and aims to bring about positive and meaningful change for people with hearing loss.

The protocol will be published in the summer 2018.  Notification of when it is available will be shared through our email update.  If you haven’t signed up yet to receive our email update, you can do so here.

2 responses to “Consultation on new protocol for meetings & events”

  1. This is yet another organization which works for those with hearing loss. You would think that hearing loss was a new phenomenon,given the number of organizations which appear to be jumping on the bandwagon.
    I’m sure all are active for our benefit but there does appear to be a lack of co-ordination and an element of duplication of effort.
    Action on Hearing Loss; National Association of Deafened People; now Hearing Access Protocol,
    Ideas for Ears.

    • Hi Russell,

      Thank you for highlighting your concern about possible duplication of effort and lack of co-ordination. That is absolutely something to guard against and to overcome. We are based in Scotland and there is a growing endeavor across the hearing and deafness sector to collaborate and co-ordinate efforts between different bodies and organisations.

      The consultation activity referred to in this post has now resulted in the production of the Hearing Access Protocol. This came about through collaboration between Ideas for Ears, a variety of key players, and by reaching out generally to individuals and organisations across the hearing and deafness sector.

      Ideas for Ears is run by people with hearing loss and we focus our attention where we feel we can make greatest contribution. We assist businesses and organisations to deliver facilities, services and products that are accessible, desirable and appropriate to customers, staff and other stakeholders who have hearing loss.

      We are strong advocates for collaboration, within and beyond the hearing and deafness sector. Collaboration with new/unusual partners can help to deliver more meaningful and impactful activity. Also, a mix of voices within a sector can be a real strength because you get different perspectives and motivations. We do agree, however, that duplication and lack of co-ordination are potential pitfalls and weakness to work hard to avoid. Your comment is helpful for ensuring on-going attention is paid.

      Best wishes, Sally

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