Hearing access specialists
Hearing access specialists

Hearing Awareness Week will this year run 3 to 9 March, 2019.

It originated in Australia but has now been adopted in Scotland to provide an opportunity to reflect on the actions, practices and environments that positively enhance hearing-related experiences.

Hearing is relevant to everyone, everywhere.  It is especially relevant to everyone during meetings, conferences, workshops and other kinds of events where groups of people come together to talk, discuss and find things out.

Ideas for Ears is a strong supporter of Hearing Awareness Week in Scotland. We are pushing for more awareness and understanding of hearing access, which is big and important part of achieving communication access for all.

Numbers with hearing loss are at an all-time high and are increasing as the population continues to age.  Hearing access is particular important for this group of people who are spread throughout our communities.  More than half of the over 60 population has some level of hearing loss.

But hearing loss should not stop, prevent or block you from participation.  If basic principles are in place, then the vast majority will be able to take part with relevant few issues.  For some, additional and more specific measures will be required and it is essential to get these right also.  However, if good practice basics are in place then everything else will be easier, simpler and quicker to get right.

The Hearing Access Protocol provides clear and effective guidance for delivering hearing access in meetings, conferences and events.  It is an excellent resource to make use of.

It you find it easier to familiarise yourself by talking things through or by attending a workshop, get in touch.  One-to-one video consults are available, as are group workshops.

Ask about a video chat or workshop to familiarise yourself and your team with hearing access

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