Hearing access specialists
Hearing access specialists

Commercial and public services can make themselves more accessible by offering support from a Communication Professional or Language Service Professional.

This might be necessary in situations such as work meetings, job interviews, healthcare consultations and courtroom hearings.

You can find a list of qualified professionals from the National Register of Communications Professionals working with Deaf and Deafblind People.

View the NRCPD website

Speech to Text Reporter (STTR)

A skilled professional using a special phonetic keyboard type up exactly what is being said as it is being said.  The verbatim text that is produced can be displayed on a computer screen, a large screen or on any other digital device, e.g. a smartphone.  The STTR is working fast so you may get the odd error. The STTR will include any relevant sounds, such as a door opening or laughter.

Electronic Note-takers

This is similar to STTR but the professional worker provides a summary of the proceedings by typing it up on a normal laptop computer.  They type fast so there may be some errors. As with STTR, the text produced can be displayed on a computer screen, large screen or any other digital device e.g. smartphone.

Manual Note-takers

This involves the professional worker taking handwritten notes providing a summary of what is said.

Sign Language Interpreters

These professionals interpret between people who use British Sign Language and those who use spoken English.


This involves a trained professional repeating the speaker’s message by moving their lips but without using their voices.  They reproduce the shape of the words with exceptional clarity, the rhythm and stress of natural speech. Lipspeakers also use facial expression and fingerspelling.

Language Service Professionals for deafblind

This involves a professional relaying a conversation to someone who has visual and hearing impairment using the deafblind manual alphabet.

Access to Work funding

Are you aware of Access to Work? It will often fund the services of a Communication Professional in work-related circumstances. It may also fund the provision of other technology and equipment.

Access to Work support is available to those in employment and those who are self employed.

Visit the Access to Work website

Located in Scotland?

We have a handy list of Communications Professionals who work in Scotland.  We will happily share this list with you if you feel it will be helpful.  If you represent a business or organisation, you may find it useful to have a list to hand so you can contact an appropriate Communications Professional when the need arises.

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