Hearing access specialists
Hearing access specialists

Could you benefit?

What would it mean to you if a service provider showed you what was being said rather than relying on you to (and assuming you will) hear it?

There are many situations where it can be helpful or essential to have a text-based option as an addition or alternative to listening. There are a variety of solutions that make this possible.

These can be made available by services and facilities open to the general public, and to employers for the benefit of staff.

Some text-based solutions to help those with hearing loss

Text-based booking systems
There should always be an alternative to having to make a phone call to make a booking or appointment.  SMS or text messages or email are now commonly offered e.g. for a GP appointment or to make a restaurant booking.

Customer service teams accessible by email or text
To allow discussions about products or services e.g. with a bank, utility provider or shop.

Next Generation Text Service (NGTS)
To allow real-time voice phone calls for those for those not able to use a standard telephone. Businesses and organisations can use the digital app called NGTLite to allow them to connect with customers who use NGTS. Find out more about this important and valuable telephony service at www.ngts.org.uk

Patient calling screens
To allow patient names to be flashed up on an electronic display in the waiting area rather than being called out e.g. at a GP surgery or audiology clinic.

Text transcription
To provide written information as an alternative to having to listen. This can be done in a variety of ways, including:

  • using a speech-to-text service or digital App to translate what is being said as it is being said e.g. during a conference or meeting
  • by writing down tricky words, names or numbers
  • providing closed captions or subtitles for video content
  • providing ‘take-away’ information e.g. an information leaflet or minutes from a meeting

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Access to Work

Are you aware that Access to Work can fund the services of a Communication Professional in work-related circumstances. It may also fund the provision of other technology and equipment.

Access to Work support is available to those in employment and those who are self employed.

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